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"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards."

 Søren Kierkegaard 


Our weekly sessions have been the highlight of my week. She adapts to my mood and what I bring,  The constant is how much more reflective I feel. For me, finding a therapist who understood 'the queer experience' was important. Do reach out to Siobhán, you won't regret it.


Siobhán has helped me navigate a complex set of personal questions and has  contributed to my wellbeing at a difficult time for me. Conversations with Siobhán have been an invaluable help in finding a firm ground from which I can move on in the world.


Siobhán has a magic around her, making space to feel  safe and be powerful. I know I can come as I am  and be held while I dig  deeper. I trust her with everything from navigating queer relationships  to working through  familial connections. She's  a true treasure of a therapist.


Spending time with Siobhán has been my first proper experience with counselling, It's been a real leveller in my life. She creates an environment where I can be emotionally transparent, that in itself is hugely enlightening. The clarity I have gained from our sessions has been really special.


'Siobhán created an non-judgemental environment so that I could make peace with past experiences. I found my progress quicker and more rewarding than I had experienced with non-LGBTQI+ therapists and I would highly recommend her.


'I feel incredibly grateful to have developed a counselling relationship with Siobhán. It is already clear that there is a sense of deep listening within her practice and I've grown to feel strongly that I am heard and understood within our sessions in a way which reflects both rigor and care. I feel hopeful for the future of our relationship.

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